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Chelín is a visual artist specialising in documentary photography and filmmaking, with a focus in historical, alternative processes.

As well as her commercial work, which covers portraiture, documentary, event and product photography, Chelín is currently researching historical printing methods and hybrid modern technologies applied to transient traditions and the effects of globalisation. She has had the best mentors in this unique field: she learnt the art of large format and printing methods from Ken Keen, Karen Gill, Peter Moseley and the “Pilgrims”.

Based in UK and Latin America, Chelín is webmaster, editor and consultant for various related companies and societies. She has a background in languages and International Relations and has spent over 20 years living in various countries around the world. This peripatetic life, travelling and living in such different cultures, has been a blessing: it opened her eyes to other beliefs, rituals and customs. Chelín’s love for writing, story-telling and photography paved the way for commissions from various publications, NGOs and associations in Asia, UK and South America.

Photo © Robert Prior